Twitter U-turns on political ads and relaxes rules on cause-based promotions

In what is the most obvious sign of Musk’s politics clashing with that of the previous team behind Twitter, Musk has done a U-turn on the site’s policy on political ads and cause-based promotions.

As posted by Twitter Safety, and notably, not Elon Musk: “We believe that cause-based advertising can facilitate public conversation around important topics. Today, we’re relaxing our ads policy for cause-based ads in the US. We also plan to expand the political advertising we permit in the coming weeks.”

In further explanation, Twitter said that in the future they will look to align their ad policies with that of US TV regulations, which includes equal share of accessibility for all candidates and prices charged for political ads.

This goes against former CEO Jack Dorsey’s view on the subject, which led him to banning political ads entirely in 2019, saying: “While internet advertising is incredibly powerful, and very effective for commercial advertisers, that power brings significant risks to politics, where it can be used to influence votes to affect the lives of millions.”

While it might be a little terrifying to allow every political stance the same air, this might be good for marketers. The newest generation of Twitter users famously love a cause, and it’s a good recipe to tie a cause in with your marketing campaign.

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