Instagram chief outlines new areas of focus for the app in 2023

What’s happening at Instagram? The last we heard from Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, he was trying to quell the protesters that would like to revert to an old Instagram. It doesn’t sound like he agrees with those protestors since he has launched, again via Instagram video post, an overview of the platform’s three key priorities for the 2023 year.

The three priorities boil down to:

  1. Inspire people to be creative
  2. Help people discover things they love
  3. Spark connections between people

How will Instagram do this? Well, people will be encouraged to be creative with more customization tools like AR creation, integrating 3D objects and other such experiences on the app. Helping people discover things they love is likely to be the most controversial because it means moving Insta further from friends and family to what the algorithm thinks you want to see – which is the complete opposite of what the protestors say they want. But Insta says they’ll make up for it by offering a “shift in social engagement” on the app, which is quite lost on Instagram. New feeds for your online friends will feature “Notes” or caption bubbles where Stories would usually be that aim to prompt a conversation, and a suspiciously familiar feature that sees you be prompted to take a photo on the front and back camera randomly, perhaps in an attempt to BeReal?

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- Barry Hilligan,
Co Founder of Houzy

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